The problem

More and more people in democratic countries are severely dissatisfied with their representatives who apparently are unable to cope with the challenges in our globalized world.

And today these challenges are more formidable than ever.

George Soros provided the background:

„The global governance is failing and you have all kinds of crises all over the world. They might be solvable by themselves, but actually they fester, they don’t get solved. They accumulate and they are all interconnected in a reflexive fashion, effecting the others and being affected by them. And the losers in particular crises become spoilers in the other crises and that makes it so difficult to solve them. So the world has become extremely complicated.“

But even before the world became so complex democratic elected governments took disastrous decisions which put the future for countries and their people on the wrong track, e.g.

  • the Nazis in Germany bringing terror to the world
  • US administrations starting several wars and eroding democracy as time went on
  • Western governments allowing economy to defy control through governments
  • European governments under the leadership of Germany destroying the idea of a united Europe
  • European governments being unable to cope with large numbers of refugees
  • all governments not taking environmental problems seriously enough
  • democratic governments use to take clever tactical decisions while neglecting to follow a strategy which leads to fulfilling long-term goals
  • The major problems are often entirely neglected, e.g. the necessity to dramatically reduce the consumption of oil against the backdrop of its limited availability on our planet
  • the decision to produce fuel from corn

„The stupidity of governments should never be underestimated.“
Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

And exactly that is the root of all evil: The vast majority of mankind’s problems are caused by ‚unwise‘ decisions taken by governments.
Therefore we urgently need to find a way to stop this vicious cycle for the sake of our future, our children’s and grandchildren’s.

Fortunately, at least in democracies it – theoretically – is in the power of the people to cause fundamental changes, in a peaceful way.
But how? Until now no workable plan has been found how to make a change happen.