The idea contest

I have worked out a strategy.

However, as it is more than likely that even better strategies could be found I am planning to initiate an attention-getting idea contest.
Ideas for political solutions cannot be expected from politicians as they are part of the problem. On the other side there is this enormous potential of knowledge, intelligence and creativity within the civil society. This potential should be tapped to filter out the most intelligent strategies.

The contest should be starting in Germany as to find a solution for the German democratic system.
Other countries would then follow with solutions for their specific democracies.

While a promising strategy could be adapted in countries which also have a proportional representation voting system unfortunately this is not true for the US and the UK. These countries need a quite different approach. And against the backdrop of presidential elections in the US already next year it is high time to work out an ingenious plan in order to shift public opinion and bring hope to those who would usually not vote. I am very concerned about the next US president.

coming soon…

The requirements of the idea competition derive from the advantages of my specific concept

The objective is a political system with governments which are based on the values of peace, social justice and respect for nature and natural resources.

Governments should

– solely take decisions which are sustainable and carefully thought out
– solely act in common interest
– follow long term objectives
– follow a policy which is edged by clearly positioned crash barriers
– thus protected against right-wing, antisemitic, intolerant and other misanthropic mindsets
– think global and act local
– pick up and resolve problems soon
– include the population in decisions as much as possible
– be protected against lobbyist’s influence as much as possible

– aim at introducing an eco-social market economy
– advocate efficient programs to make sure that there is sufficient water, food, shelter and education for all people in the world

Putting the concept into action should be possible

– without too many obstacles
– relatively short-term
– without amendments to the constitution
– peacefully
– in an orderly manner so that the political business could continue as undisturbed as possible